Say Good Bye to Acne Issues With Amazing Medical Treatment

Introduction to acne

We all know that in today’s environment people are exposed to harmful ultra violet rays and pollution. This causes various issues for our skin. We have different skin tone and sensitivity levels. Due to these exposures many people face acne issue. Acne is one of the leading skin issues these days. According to the statistical bureau 80% of the people between 11 to 30 years in age are facing acne issues. From 11 to 16 teenage develop puberty symptoms. They fall into hormonal imbalances which leads to acne. 85% of the world population do face acne issues in their lifetime.

Measures to prevent acne

Well, first one of the most important thing in acne is to stop squeezing pimples. Once you stop doing this it will lead to prevention of scars formation. Due to amazing flow of technology it has now become easier for doctors to study the cause and reason for acne. Once they can do it, they can easily recommend different medicines to cure. There are different ways to cure acne which includes:

Using foaming wash

Foaming wash is easily applied by the patient on their face. This process is done almost 3 times per day. It contains salicylic acid which fights against excess oil and removes dead skin. It works to reduce dirt and oil on patient’s face.

Using hydrating lotion

People have been using different lotions to prevent dryness on their skin. Using these lotions acne can also be cured. For instance, this hydration lotion increases the potential of oxygen radicals on skin cells. This results in decreasing the bacterial formation on skin. It reliefs cells from bacterial cover and provides a room to their growth. Moreover, it also helps in softening skin for people. This lotion is reliable under all sorts of seasons. Though during dust hours this lotion shouldn’t be applied. Due to moisturizing effect it captures dust which can increase bacterial formation.

When to apply?

Previously discussed lotions and foaming wash are used three times in a day, most people don’t find time to wash their face and then apply lotion to it especially when its required three times. To cater this issue, breakout lotion by Dermalogica can be applied overnight. This would work in amazingly overnight and will protect skin from further growing harmful bacteria. This amazing overnight lotion contains higher content of salicylic acid. it is mixed with cucumber extract to hydrate skin cells.

Different packages and design

It should be noticed that every single product is designed for different skin types. There is a proper way and guide of when to apply and how to apply. Most importantly these lotions and foams are specifically designed for different ages. There are more effective and highly concentrated when it comes to adult usage. These lotions are also effective in removing scars from skin. A proper course of almost 30 days should be done by patients to restore their perfect skin.

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